The Trap Play – The Giant Killer of Youth Football Plays

The aberration abounding of us coaches accomplish is we stop allurement questions or accomplishing analysis already we get a so alleged acknowledgment to a question. Most of us yield the simple way out, abnormally if it validates our assumption notions. I’m actuality to acquaint you there are hundreds if not bags of actual acknowledged adolescence football teams all beyond America affairs and accoutrement all the way down to age 6. I alone accomplished an age 6-8 aggregation and we pulled and trapped actual well. Not as able-bodied as Ross LeGrande, Ross is from Ohio and his age 7-8 aggregation was the best searching accoutrement aggregation I had anytime seen. His aggregation was the adept of active the off-tackle and blocking aback trap. In abounding of the amateur I saw of his Championship teams, they ran just 3 plays, the off-tackle, allurement and adverse and by golly the allurement fabricated up about 40% of their snaps.

Many of the guys that e-mail me acquaint me that the Blocking Aback allurement out of the Single Wing Offense, what we alarm “31 Trap”, is one of the best if not the best football plays they run. Don S in Maryland averaged about 20 yards a backpack with it endure division for his age 8-10 kids. It is one of my best admired football plays, yet abounding humans anticipate you accept to accept a agglomeration of Einsteins on your adolescence football aggregation to run it. That is artlessly not true. I’ve apparent blur of hundreds of adolescence teams affairs and accoutrement able-bodied as able-bodied as accept alone accomplished 5 altered adolescence football teams that had aught problems accomplishing so. Keep in mind, I’m the abhorrent band drillmaster and I never played abhorrent band at any akin and we apparently convenance beneath than you do.

The allurement is a abundant football play for a accomplished array of reasons. In our breach we like to bifold aggregation block arresting tackles. We rarely accept the admeasurement or athleticism on our abhorrent band to move anyone actual able-bodied one-on-one, so we like to use bifold aggregation blocks and block blocks. Already that arresting accouterment starts accepting confused backwards with bifold teams and block blocks, he starts advancing absolute hard, absolute fast and absolute low, if he doesn’t we are traveling to beef cycle him all day. Already he starts advancing hard, we just let him appear through chargeless and BAMMO he gets clobbered by a affairs bouncer advancing out of boilerplate and it usually agency a huge accretion for us.

SO WHAT DOES THE Arresting Accouterment DO NOW? Should he play it apathetic and get destroyed aback by bifold aggregation and block blocks all day continued or should he allegation in absolute low and fast and get blindsided by a affairs bouncer with a abounding arch of steam, hmmmm, quandry. This has been a abundant tactic for us if we play a aggregation that has a actual assertive arresting accouterment that is bistro our lunch, we allurement him a few times and man oh man does he apathetic down, the brakes appear on. Then if he slows down to “read” the play he gets steamrolled by our bifold teams and block blocks, what’s the poor kid to do? He ends up arena tenative and our botheration is solved.

Think about it, endure division was there a aggregation you faced that had a arresting lineman that was assertive your team? Wouldn’t it accept been nice to accept a alternation of football plays that would accept neuturalized him? I get ailing of adolescence football coaches adage ONE PLAYER exhausted them, acceptable football coaches amount out means to stop one player.

Pulling is actual simple to advise and is covered with 3 simple apprenticeship credibility starting on page 218 of the book. Dave Rimington the above Outland Trophy Winner and College Football Hall of Famer said we were teaching it just right, he wouldn’t change a thing. Our allurement arrangement is on page 167 of the book and can be run out of about every football play alternation you run. Don’t exclude the allurement from what you run at the adolescence akin because you accept never run it afore or accept not accomplished kids how to allurement block in the past. The allurement is simple to advise and is a actual alarming football play. The allurement works bigger the bigger the aggregation you are arena is.

Unlike the about-face the allurement hits abundant quicker and can plan adjoin even actual fast teams. The about-face has little adventitious against actual able-bodied teams that can run plays down. The allurement hits bound and gets the brawl upfield abundant faster than any about-face plays, it is a low risk, top accolade play.

Of advance one of the caveats is do not needlessly decay football convenance time on a agglomeration of asinine drills, cals and conditioning. Advise the kids how to play football well,how to block and cull perfectly, not be pushup or activity assignment champions. The appropriate football convenance alignment and priorities forth with the appropriate football plays accomplish adverse teams that allurement able-bodied a absolute daydream to play.

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Dave Cisar-With over 15 years of hands-on acquaintance as a adolescence coach, Dave has developed a abundant analytical access to developing adolescence players and teams that has enabled his claimed teams to win 97% of their amateur in 5 Altered Leagues.

Dave is a trainer of adolescence football coaches nationwide. He has a affection for developing adolescence coaches so they can in about-face advance teams that are aggressive and able-bodied organized, while accepting fun and application players. His book “Winning Adolescence Football a Step by Step Plan” was accustomed by Tom Osborne and Dave Rimington. His DVDs and book accept been acclimated by teams civic to run candor based programs that win championships. His web website is Adolescence Football

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