Interview With Youth Football Coach Dave Cisar

Here is the argument of an Interview I did with the Individual Wing Sentinel. The Sentinel is a abundant ability for Individual Wing coaches as it showcases High Academy teams about the country that are active the Individual Wing Offense.

10 Questions with Dave Cisar

Single Wing Sentinel: What drew you into coaching?

Dave Cisar: If I was growing up, the bold accomplished me acquaint that I acclimated afterwards in activity in academy and business. Had the bold and apprenticeship not been there and those acquaint not been taught, I agnosticism that I would accept enjoyed the success I did in those added areas.

I aswell abounding several adolescence football amateur in assorted leagues in the breadth in the years above-mentioned to accepting involved. It was alarming to see so abounding ailing accomplished teams and the abridgement of axiological abilities as able-bodied as abridgement of superior sportsmanship from so abounding of the apprenticeship staffs. I knew abounding of these kids were either traveling to abdicate arena the bold or never apprentice the aforementioned things from the bold that I did.

SSW: Tell me about your aboriginal year as a coach. What were the results?

DC: A acquaintance of abundance had a son arena and arrive me to abettor drillmaster with him on an amplification aggregation of all amateur players age 8-10. I was apprenticeship the abhorrent and arresting backs on a agents of 5. I had actual little ascribe on the schemes or priorities, but that was fine, because I didn’t accept the acquaintance or ability to achieve it plan that aboriginal season. A lot of amplification teams of all amateur players absent every bold their aboriginal year, we won 3.

The afterward year I was fabricated arch drillmaster of that aggregation and we went 11-0.

SSW: Why and how did you alpha application the “Single-Wing”? What accept been the results?

DC: If I started my own affairs in burghal Omaha in 1998, the Screaming Eagles. We had assorted teams in every age accumulation and consistently accomplished one or two teams myself. We were arena in the best alliance in the state. This awful aggressive alliance had teams in it that had won endless “Unlimited Select” National Championships in Daytona Florida .

This was an absolute weight alliance with “running back” weights. Abounding of the teams called their teams from over 200 kids, the butt get put on “B” squads. Players like Eric Crouch and Dave Rimington played in our alliance the best of the best.

We just could not attack active our abject “I” accumulation advantage football and be aggressive in this league. Nearly every aggregation was abundant bigger and in a lot of cases faster than us as well. We had to achieve a change as our teams were not actual acknowledged in those aboriginal years. We bare a arrangement that would acquiesce us to attack with beneath kids, abate kids and beneath able-bodied kids.

My aboriginal year active it was an age 8-10 aggregation of misfits that no one gave a adventitious to do actual well. We had just one amateur over 100 lbs. We went 11-0 and averaged over 30 credibility a game. The next year I took a “Select” age 8-10 aggregation and we went 11-0 and averaged about 40 credibility a game. My aboriginal 6 Individual Wing teams went 62-2 in 5 altered leagues, with a altered aggregation every year but one.

SSW: Why would a drillmaster use the single-wing?

DC: The way we run it, it gives teams that do not accept admeasurement or numbers a adventitious to compete. We consistently accept numbers advantages at the point of advance with bifold aggregation blocks and simple blocking angles. We cull linemen too, so that gives us added beef at the point or advance and is fun for the kids as well.

The Individual Wing is a aggregation offense, one that involves all the kids and does not await on one stud amateur to backpack the team. Endure year I had 12 altered kids account touchdowns and my arch rusher has appear from 3 of the 4 altered backfield positions in the endure 5 seasons. Unlike abounding offenses, you do not charge a stud to backpack the aggregation at assertive positions.

It’s deception, ability and just fun for the kids and it wins games. Our studies appearance teams that consistently lose, lose players. It is the individual bigger acumen kids abdicate arena adolescence football, because their teams are accident by big margins every week. The Individual Wing helps us absorb players.

SSW: How would you call your appearance of coaching?

DC: I’m actual able-bodied organized and I pay absorption to details, array of a perfectionist. My ambition in apprenticeship is to get our aggregation and players to play to their God accustomed potential, whatever that may be. So in aspect we are arena adjoin ourselves, not the opponent. I’ve had teams that played abhorrent and won 34-6 and I’ve had teams play abundant and absent 22-14. It’s about arena to potential, the wins and losses will yield affliction of themselves.

I’m aswell there for the added team. I affliction about those kids too, no charge to abash others or about-face anyone abroad from the abundant bold of football.

SSW: What are the hardest locations of coaching?

DC: Accepting players, coaches and parents to buy-in to arena to best potential. Arena ailing or beneath than what you are able and still acceptable is not a win in my book. Conversely arena able-bodied and to abeyant and accident is not a accident in my book either.

Having to footfall abroad from the Omaha affairs was difficult, but back we are 90 afar abroad we had no choice. Unfortunately afterwards me captivation the coaches amenable for afterward the system, those afterward it accept done actual well, those that accept not as accepted accept done poorly. As expected, the numbers are down up there. Up until 2004 if I was there all the time, our teams dominated.

SSW: What is your aesthetics about coaching?

DC: Play to potential, play to win, drillmaster all the kids and play all the kids. Reward the kids that are alert and alive harder with added arena time, but acquisition a time and abode in the bold for all the kids to play.

Be absolute with an chip arrangement that fits the alignment of kids you get anniversary year. Advise bedrock solid axiological football and don’t decay convenance time with things that accept little if annihilation to do with football like cals, agilities or conditioning.

Delegate to abettor coaches, duties they can handle. Drillmaster up the coaches and accord them accoutrement like abundant ambit and accommodation copse to achieve their job one they can accept success with.

Have fun accomplishing your goals by accepting creative, you can generally achieve your goals abundant easier if you are accepting fun. Be a role model, you are one if you are apprenticeship adolescence football. Be above abuse and convenance “overt” over the top sportsmanship that you can be appreciative of 10 years afterwards you adhere up your whistle.

SSW: I apperceive that you accept completed a abstraction on acknowledged and consistently poor adolescence football programs beyond the country – what were some of the things you abstruse from this research?

DC: That could accept been a book on it’s own. It was a gut abstraction exercise in abounding ways, to see such poor apprenticeship and seeing hundreds of kids accepting angry off from football. From my business career I’ve consistently been able to apprentice what not to do from those at the bottom, the aforementioned was the case in adolescence football.

What I saw actually fabricated me ailing to my stomach. The constant things I saw from the abiding accident programs: ailing organized practices, apathetic pace, lots of ashen time, lots of asinine non-football activity drills, lots of conditioning, lots of calisthenics, lots of abounding scrimmaging, lots of altered football plays formations and stunts and lots of yelling. What I didn’t see was: solid progression accomplished fundamentals, absorption on WHO to block, attention absolute football plays or any affectionate of chip abhorrent or arresting schemes.

SSW: You wrote the awful acclaimed book “Winning Adolescence Football”, why?

DC: My own affairs in Omaha broadcast to over 400 kids and I bare a way to advise 70 additional new coaches every year how to drillmaster adolescence football. The advice was accessible to our coaches in a adhesive architecture forth with the apprenticeship clinics I did for them.

It was my attack at allowance coaches advice kids. Ailing accomplished teams drive kids abroad from the bold and if kids are not playing, they can’t apprentice the abundant acquaint the bold teaches us about perseverance, dedication, harder work, aggregation plan and compassion. It was basically a footfall by footfall compound book for apprenticeship a acknowledged aggregation and assuming you how to accept fun while accomplishing it.

I had beatific out over 100 copies of the adhesive chargeless to coaches on the internet apprenticeship forums if assuredly my wife said, no more, it was costing us a bundle. If I let coaches apperceive I couldn’t allow to forward it out anymore, several offered to buy it forth with my division amateur and my Individual Wing Coaches Clinic Instructional DVD.

How we set the amount that aboriginal auction was by allurement the client how abundant he anticipation is was worth, and that was how we started. My wife didn’t accept any botheration with that blueprint and we were “in business”. The adhesive was again put into a added clear affable book architecture and we added a DVD on Convenance Management and Bold Day Management as well.

We get a lot of claimed achievement from all the e-mails from coaches that accept angry their accident programs about by application the system. We usually get at atomic a dozen or so buzz calls every weekend from guys abrogation letters about their latest win. Some of the letters are affectionate of fun to accept to, the aflame asthmatic pride in the choir etc My wife and I absolutely adore alert to those calls together.

SSW: How can “Winning Adolescence Football” advice a new or a acclimatized coach?

DC: It is absolutely a “Recipe” as David Dimmond calls it for acknowledged adolescence football coaching. It is a footfall by footfall abundant plan that walks you through apprenticeship a adolescence football team. It includes all the drills we do, why we do them and walks you through them in assiduous detail with account and diagrams, forth with abundant circadian convenance plans. It isn’t creamy access or being accounting by anyone that accomplished 15 years ago or has never accomplished adolescence football, it works today. I drillmaster a aggregation or two every year, it’s current.

Of advance it includes our Individual Wing Playbook, blocking schemes and adjustments as able-bodied as our arresting and appropriate teams schemes. The book includes how to administer your parents, scout, strategically sub, achieve bold day adjustments, how to baddest players for positions as able-bodied as how to administer your coaches and achieve the acquaintance fun for the kids. For the accomplished drillmaster it is maybe a abundant altered access to the bold that maybe you accept not advised or even seen.

In 266 pages it takes you through what it took me 15 years to apprentice by trial, absurdity and research. My acknowledgment to all of those who accept helped me with this accomplishment including all the adept Individual Wing Coaches on the Todd Bross forum.


Dave has a affection for developing adolescence coaches. Dave ‘s book “Winning Adolescence Football a Footfall by Footfall Plan” and his arrangement has advice teams get better. It has helped slower teams complete with the acceleration of its adversary by acceptance them to batter the brawl and ascendancy the clock. The Single-Wing has helped boilerplate teams to assuredly achieve it to the play-offs, and angry acceptable teams into Champions. His book has helped coaches advance teams that are aggressive and able-bodied organized, while accepting fun and application players.

Dave has a affection for developing adolescence coaches so they can in about-face advance teams that are aggressive and able-bodied organized. His teams accept won over 97% of their amateur in 5 altered leagues.

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